ITs 4 Him Ministries provides IT services ranging from basic PC support and training to complex web hosting and design. We can recommend and in many cases, provide software solutions to meet most ministry needs.

Why should a missions budget have to bear the costs of many of these expenses when they can be shared or sourced for little or no cost thus putting those resources back into your budget to help in other areas of your ministry in getting the gospel message out to the lost and dying world.

Right now we can provide the following services, but will be expanding the list as time goes on, If you have a need that is not on the list please ask, we may be able to meet the need but just hadn't thought of adding it to the list.


Remote Computer training and assistance.

Computer troubleshooting and in many cases remote repair.

Computer WiFi consulting and solutions.

Network design and training.

Software installation, and configuration.

Software training.

Website hosting.

Website design and updating.

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